Caroline Cook

Caroline Cook got her start at the renowned recording studio Tequila Mockingbird in Austin, Texas. During her time at the studio, Caroline helped produce several national radio and television ads, including campaigns for McDonalds, Texas Lottery, SXSW, Sonic and Southwest Airlines. After working with Tequila Mockingbird, Caroline began working with actor and comedian Amy Poehler in Los Angeles, serving as her executive assistant. Her work with Poehler included two Golden Globe awards (both of which Poehler hosted), two Emmy Awards, two seasons of NBC's Parks and Recreation and Comedy Central's hit television show Broad City (exec. produced by Poehler). Caroline also served as associate producer for Poehler's Youtube channel, Smart Girls at the Party, which focuses on empowering young women. Caroline's experience in the ad and film industries led to her writing and directing original content for companies such as the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, Funny or Die, WhoHaha, YouTube, and TxDot. In 2017, Caroline joined forces with business partner and life partner Rebekah Wood to create a company who proudly works with primarily women and LGBTQ owned businesses. Caroline is the Creative Director at Red Cactus Media, overseeing all video production, content, branding and all things creative.