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The history of Red Cactus Media is a love story in many ways. Co-founders Caroline Cook and Rebekah Wood met while working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. Caroline was writing and producing for the entertainment industry while Rebekah worked in marketing at several large-scale agencies. After getting their chops in Hollywood, the two decided to take their individual skill sets acquired in LA and join forces to create Red Cactus Media - a full service marketing and media company. The company expanded into the Austin, Texas market in 2017, home to both Caroline and Rebekah. In the years to follow, Red Cactus Media has grown to incorporate talented local artists and a diverse client base of which we couldn't be more proud.

What's with the name?

Red because we are passionate, driven and fierce. Cactus because we're Texas natives.


Marketing Austin

We're the kind of people who work hard to see stellar results and brainstorm about your next grand idea over coffee. Simply put: our purpose is to help you FEEL GOOD ABOUT MARKETING.

We work with small businesses, entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, podcast creators, non-profits, actors, inventors, musicians, builders, leaders and dreamers. We pride ourselves in working with people who are changing the world and making a difference... and we're damn proud of that.

First and foremost, we want you to FEEL GOOD ABOUT US. We firmly believe in meeting face-to-face with our clients and building positive personal relationships. We feel it is imperative to know, trust and believe in every client we take on in order to effectively market them and/or their product. We love working collaboratively with our clients, and we encourage as much participation as the client wishes to have.



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