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Establish a clear brand through photography & content for The Maverick Inn . Generate linkbacks through guest blogging & write original content for promotion of both hotels.

Shoot B-roll and lifestyle photographs & drone footage at both hotels. Write & publish original, dynamic content to advertise the hotels’ amenities & unique features. Design on-brand, professional written & visual content for all digital platforms.

Photography · Branding · Creative Direction · Drone Footage · Copy Writing · Copy Editing · Content Creation


The Maverick Inn: A Roadhouse for Wanderers.

As an Austin native, I’ve always associated West Texas with nothing more than dusty, vacant flatlands and an occasional tumbleweed. That is, until I recently stumbled upon Alpine. Often overshadowed by the allure of Marfa, Alpine proved to be an unexpected diamond in the rough. The Maverick Inn, our accommodation of choice, consisted of 21 Mexican-style adobe bungalows. Every inch of the grounds was impeccably clean and the staff was friendly and accommodating, as all Texans are. With a large, private swimming pool, tree-lined courtyard complete with a fire pit (conveniently lit each night by the staff), and a charming, 1950s airstream trailer as a breakfast nook, the Maverick Inn exceeded my expectations in every way.

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