Ask Her: Photographer, Kara Buse


What advice would you give to a smart, driven, young woman about to enter the workforce? What advice should she ignore?

Don’t over load yourself. Leave space. Say no and disappoint people every now and again. Ignore the advice that says hustle hustle hustle and just play more.

What do you tell yourself during high-pressure situations or projects that help you deal with stress? 

My job is what I do. It’s not who I am. It’s a job. Bringing it back into this perspective that I am just one human with a skill helps me release creative outcomes and deadlines and gives myself permission to enjoy the process instead of carrying around all this unneeded stress. I have to remind myself of this on the regular. I have not mastered it yet!


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Ever given? 

Woman are taught to people please. I continually broke my back trying to make everyone happy, so the best advice I’ve ever received is to say no more. I have to respect my existence enough to know that I can’t possibly give a piece of myself to everyone who wants it.  If I want to say yes to things I also have to say no. 

What women in your life have inspired you? 

I am very blessed to be surrounded by strong and beautiful women. I’m realizing more and more how important it is to have that like minded tribe to commune with and feel cared for and protected. Speaking truth into them as well as receiving words of encouragement has been life altering. But one woman who stands out immediately upon reading this question would be my mother. The woman is a rock! She lost the love of her life, my father, and the provider of our family 9 years ago, and I have watched her handle all of these life storms with grace and vulnerability all while holding onto her gratitude. It’s this quiet strength that is very inspiring to me.

Where do you think creativity comes from? Are you born with it or can you find it? 

100% anyone and everyone has creativity pulsing through them! I do think that creativity is a spiritual path, and in many ways has to be uncovered or worked through to gain artistic inspiration. As well as overcoming fear to create something new and removing artistic blocks, like for me, perfectionism.

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What are some tools you use to appear/feel confident? 

I am all about yoga and meditation. I truly believe that finding that union with your inner self is what shines forth as confidence. That way you don’t rely on outer circumstances or others to boost or maintain your confidence. When I leave a tough yoga class feeling centered and strong, my work behind the lens becomes much more smooth and empowering.

One question, just for fun. Happy hour drink of choice? 

A craft cocktail with mezcal.

What question would you like to ask the next woman we interview?

What is the thing you are most excited about in the future?

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